+ Energold Drilling Corp. - Overview - Sun Mar 29, 2020


Energold Drilling Corp. (EGD:TSX-V) EGD is a diversified global drilling solutions provider serving mining, water and Geotechnical clients. Founded as an exploration company with a purpose to conduct exploration programs in remote locations with limited infrastructure and access to heavily forested properties, the Company realized the existing mineral drilling technologies and services available in the market were inadequate, and therefore developed a new specialized drilling rig that was highly mobile and would leave a minimal environmental footprint in order to meet the challenges of that particular operating environment. The company has now grown from six drilling rigs in 2006 to over 240 rigs drilling worldwide in 25 countries including the North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Central America as well as the Caribbean and the Middle East.

The Company's ability to successfully manage this explosive growth in this highly volatile industry sector can be attributed to a number of key factors:

  • Relentless commitment to ongoing research & development and upgrading its core product offerings frequently, thereby strengthening its competitive advantage resulting in higher than industry operating margins.
  • The adoption of organizational and financial operating principles appropriate for the highly volatile mineral exploration industry and strict adherence to these principles, as demonstrated by the Company's strong balance sheet through market downturns that saw many of its competitors forced into painful re-capitalization processes.
  • Persistent and diligent attention and focus on execution of the literally hundreds of daily tasks inherent in this is very operationally intensive business.
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