Dando Mintec 6

The Dando Mintec 6 is one of a family of powerful, multi-purpose drilling rigs suitable for mineral exploration. The 6 ton pullback exploration rig can be mounted onto any suitable carrying vehicle and has been designed to be easy to operate & maintain, extremely reliable and competitively priced.


Carrier Vehicle: Type: Crawler chassis.

Power Unit*: 80HP 6 cylinder diesel engine. Option:154HP diesel engine

Drilling Capacity: Pullback: 6,000kg. Pulldown: 3,250kg. Hook load(max): 6,800kg

Mast Dimensions: Working Mast Height: 7,500mm. Working Stroke: 4,500mm

Mast Dump: To 45 degrees

Rotary Head Performance*: Option 1: Speed (max): 750rpm, Torque (max): 12,050N (mRH11 head)
Option 2: Speed (max): 1,290rpm. Torque (max): 5,670Nm

Circulating Swivel Unit: Internal Diameter: 51mm operating pressure(max): 600psi

Breakout and Clamps* Min Clamping Diameter: 60mm Max Clamping Diametre: 220mm Load Suspending Capacity: 6,000kg

Wireline Footclamps: To suit BQ-PQ Wireline drill rods

Main Winch*: Hoist (single line, bare drum): 2,040kg. Speed (single line, bare drum): 41m/min. Drum capacity: 57m @ 10mm

Wireline Winch*: Hoist(single line, bare drum): 1,000kg. Speed (single line, bare drum): 120m/min. Drum capacity: 607m @ 11mm

Tool Handling Winch*: Hoist (single line, bare drum): 1,326kg. Speed (single line, bare drum): 15m/min. Drum capacity: 30m @ 18mm

Coring Pump*: Flow rate (max): 200l/m. Discharge pressure (max): 500psi

In Line Oiler: Fitted to assist DTH operations

Control:Hydraulic Power circuit based on load sensing, proportional valves. Drilling controls available from driller's
control console.

Levelling Jacks: Two front and two rear

Rig Lighting: Fitted as standard

Compressor: Optional portable compressor

Maximum Drilling Depths**:

NQ (7.58kg/m) drill rods-633m

NWY (8.0kg/m) drill rods-600m

HQ (11.45kg/m) drill rods- 419m

4" RC (28.0kg/m) drill rods-160m

*other options available

**calculated from the weight of drill rods only and using 80% of the rig's pullback
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