Dando Mintec 18

The powerful Dando Mintec 18 is Dando's largest mineral exploration machine and is capable of RC drilling (reverse circulation drilling) and wireline drilling to extreme depths in all geological formations.

Mintec 18 - Specification

Carrier Vehicle: Type: Crawler chassis

Power Unit*: 540HP 6 Cylinder diesel engine

Drilling Capacity: Pullback: 18,000kg. Pulldown: 14,000kg. Hook load(max): 18,000kg.

Mast Dimensions: Working Mast Height: 9,140mm. Working Stroke: 7,600mm.

Mast Dump: To 45 degrees

Rotary Head Performance*: Option 1: Speed (max): 1,190rpm. Torque (max): 9,960Nm.
Option 2: Speed (max): 750rpm. Torque (max): 12,050 Nm (RH11 head)

Circulating Swivel Unit: Internal Diameter: 51mm. Operating pressure(max) 600psi.

Breakout and Clamps* Min Clamping Diameter: 60mm. Max Clamping Diametre: 220mm. Load Suspending Capacity: 18,000kg.

Casing Divertor: 150mm ID.

Wireline Footclamps: To suit BQ-PQ Wireline drill rods.

Main Winch*: Hoist (single line, bare drum): 14,400kg Speed (single line, bare drum): 68m/min Drum capacity: 56m@22mm>

Wireline Winch*: Hoist (single line, bare drum): 2,244kg Speed (single line, bare drum): 167m/min Drum capacity: 1,600m@6mm>

Tool Handling Winch: Hoist (single line, bare drum): 1,326kg. Speed (single line, bare drum): 15m/min. Drum capacity:

Coring Pump: Flow rate (max): 200l/m. Discharge pressure (max): 500psi.

In Line Oiler: Fitted to assist DTH operations

Control:Hydraulic Power circuit based on load sensing, proportional valves. Drilling controls available from driller's control console.

Levelling Jacks: Two front and two rear

Rig Lighting: Fitted as standard

Compressor: Ingersoll Rand XHP900 (900rpm/350psi)

Maximum Drilling Depths**:

NQ (7.58kg/m) drill rods-1,900m

NWY (8.0kg/m) drill rods-1,800m

HQ (11.45kg/m) drill rods-1,258m

4" RC (32.0kg/m) drill rods-450m

*other options available

**calculated from the weight of drill rods only and using 80% of the rig's pullback
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