Oil Sands Coring


Oil Sands Coring Exploration

Energold now operates one of the largest oil sands coring fleets in Canada through the Bertram business division.

Oil sands coring requires the drilling of wellbores which are deeper than seismic drilling; but still relatively shallow when compared to traditional oil and gas exploration. Generally, the oil sands coring rigs are not required to drill deeper than 300 metres (1,000 ft.). The wellbores are drilled in order to remove a cylindrical core sample from the earth which can then be used by oil sands producers to detect the presence of oil and delineate their resource potential.

Each coring unit consists of a drilling rig, water truck complete with picker, and core shack with boiler and genset. These rigs are modified in-house by Bertram Drilling. A typical oil sands coring rig is staffed by three men per shift, with operations carried out around the clock, 24 hours per day.

Energold-Bertram group works for some of the largest energy companies in the world and abides by the highest standards of quality control and assurance (QA/QC) for core recoveries and HSE Health Safety & Environmental Standards.
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