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A helicopter dropping off drilling supplies

Drill site rehabilitation in the Dominican Republic

Drilling at a 4500m elevation

Drilling at a lithium salar (dry surface salt lake) in Argentina at 4,000m elevation

Drilling in Guatemala

Drilling in Peru

Drilling in Peru with a small environmental footprint

Drilling in the Dominican Republic

Drilling in Yemen

Drilling Project in Albania at 1,200m Altitude

Energold Energy -- Bertram's TH60 in action around the clock in Alberta

Energold manufacturing facility in UK

Energold-Dando's Mintec 12 outside factory

Geotechnical drilling at Wembley Stadium, London UK

High Altitude Drilling in the Andes

High Altitude Drilling in the Andes

Infrastructure geotechnical drilling near Second Narrows bridge in BC, Canada

Kerouane Guinea Africa

Kerouane Guinea Africa 1

Local helpers before their shift

Local Helpers moving one of the Power Pack Motors

Mexico Drill Project 1

Mexico Drilling Project 1,500 Meter Elevation

Morning in the high Andes

Water drilling in Africa with Watertec line of rigs