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Social & Environmental Responsibility

Energold Drilling is fully committed to providing a positive social and environmental impact in every community around the world. A critical factor in successfully and responsibly exploring for minerals in these various global jurisdictions is the need to employ locally and work to establish strong and meaningful relationships in the communities in which it conducts its business. This approach has helped build support for the corporate initiatives of Energold's customers providing a more lasting cooperative environment.

On any given project around the world, Energold employs between 15-25 local labourers or 'drill helpers' to assist with the project. Duties include: transporting the rig, assembling and disassembling the rig, inserting and transferring rods amongst other tasks. Eventually, when a drill helper proves a significant improvement over a number of projects, they are provided an opportunity to become fully fledged drillers and drill supervisors, thereby Energold employs 'nationals' as well as expatriates as the drillers. Energold's social approach provides a long term relationship with the community and the host government.

The Company's environmental initiatives are focused on leaving a minimal environmental footprint. Each project encounters rough terrain that can be composed of heavily forested areas in remote locations, and the usual approach is to cut down trees and develop a road infrastructure. Energold's rigs are mobile and modular that transporting each rig into these regions only require a 1 meter wide footpath only.

Two specific examples that reinforce Energold's corporate social responsibility objectives include and joint initiative with a major mining company and the second an Energold project. Firstly, the Haiti Bridge Project was completed in coalition with Newmont Mining Corp. The community had limited transportation access to the other side of the river. Energold decided to step in and donate the material to build the towers for the bridge, the main cable anchors, and the time to drill and install the anchors. This project provided a direct benefit to the local community in terms of employment and infrastructure development. As it stands, the bridge is still operational after the unfortunate earthquake disaster.

Secondly, Energold donated four water wells in the state of Chihuahua within impoverished communities lacking water supply. The holes were drilled to depths of over 80m installed with hand pumps.

Contact us today if you have upcoming drilling projects and need it done in a socially and environmentally friendly approach.  
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