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Social, Environmental & Health Safety

Our People

On any given project around the world, Energold employs between 15-25 local labourers or 'drill helpers' to assist with the project. Duties include: transporting the rig, assembling and disassembling the rig, inserting and transferring rods amongst other tasks. Eventually, when a drill helper proves a significant improvement over a number of projects, they are provided an opportunity to become fully fledged drillers and drill supervisors, thereby Energold employs 'nationals' as well as expatriates as the drillers. Energold's social approach provides a long term relationship with the community and the host government.

After the Energold job rotation, the employee now has life long transferable skills they can take with them to benefit their village or at other opportunities.

Our Environment

The Company's environmental initiatives are focused on leaving a minimal environmental footprint. Each project encounters rough terrain that can be composed of heavily forested areas in remote locations, and the usual approach is to cut down trees and develop a road infrastructure. Energold's rigs are mobile and modular that transporting each rig into these regions only require a 1 meter wide footpath only.

Project Example

Below is an example of a successful project completed in Dominican Republic on a farmer's rice field. The 'Before' picture shows the rig drilling on the property with a minimal footprint of only 4 meters by 4 meters. To protect the environment and prevent any injuries such as seepage of any materials and slippery surfaces, the rig is covered with a tarp to prevent water run-off onto the platform. An absorbent pad is placed under the platform to soak up any consumables used during the project. In the "After" picture, the entire footprint of pads and impact on roads are extremely limited, aiding in permitting and subsequent reclamation, leaving this particular project with little to no footprint on the environment.

This is truly the Energold advantage.

Social, Environmental & Health Safety Standards


At ENERGOLD, we recognize that our business activities have direct and indirect environmental impacts and that we have a duty to manage these in a responsible manner. We are committed to continuous improvement to minimize our impact on the environment. Compliance with or exceeding of all applicable environmental laws, statutory obligations and relevant voluntary codes of practice is a minimum requirement and an integral part of our policy. The following environmental guidelines are followed in all of ENERGOLD projects and activities:
  • Environmental protection and waste minimization is the responsibility of every employee.
  • In situations where environmental regulations are absent, or less than ENERGOLD's standards, apply best management practices to achieve environmental protection.
  • Wherever possible supplies and materials are sourced locally to minimize transport impacts and support the local community.
  • Assess environmental risks and impacts from all activities. Establish and maintain appropriate emergency response plans for all activities which involve potentially hazardous substances such as chemicals or petroleum products.
  • Biodegradable drilling fluids are specified where feasible.
  • Wherever possible waste is recycled, reclaimed or reused.
  • Any spill, accident or violation is to be reported to the ENERGOLD management and to regulatory authorities as required.
  • Restoration of drill and camp locations to acceptable environmental conditions on termination of project.
At ENERGOLD we are proud of our commitment to the protection of the environment and continuously work to develop our responsibility in all environmental, social and community issues.

This Policy will be reviewed annually to monitor its effectiveness and to ensure that it reflects changing needs and circumstances.


Energold Drilling Corp. recognizes that development, control and management of effective Community Relations Policy is essential to Company's current and future success. We acknowledge that we have clear responsibility towards our host communities and we are committed to being a good neighbour. It is the policy of Energold Drilling Corp. to build a workable relationship born out of respect for the fundamental human rights of its employees, contractors and communities in which it operates.

To fulfill this commitment we will:
  • Recognize that each community is unique.
  • Welcome open and honest dialogue with all groups affected by our activities.
  • Listen to community needs and expectations and respond to them in timely and respectful manner.
  • Respect the traditional rights of indigenous peoples.
  • Contribute to the economic well being of host communities through the employment and training of local residents and support of local businesses.
  • Safeguard and, where possible, enhance their social well being.
  • Ensure that our activities are compliant with local laws and regulations.
  • Realize that values, standards and practices of some communities are different to ours and work within those of the community where possible.
  • Treat any complaint from local residents, businesses or community groups as a complaint from our client, because we know that our performance and presentation on site is a reflection of our client.
The Community Relations Policy is a procedural policy whereby staff at all levels share responsibility in carrying out all its requirements.

This Policy will be reviewed annually to monitor its effectiveness and to ensure that it reflects changing needs and circumstances.


It is in the interest of Energold Drilling Corp. (the Company) and its employees to encourage standards of work and behavior conducive to the efficient operation of the Company's business and the safety and security of its property and employees. It is the Company's intention, therefore, to ensure that its employees are fully aware of the standards of work and conduct required of them.

Further to the above statement it is the Company's policy to ensure that employees know what is expected of them and be given ample opportunity to improve their job performance:
  • Employees are expected to perform their work efficiently and effectively and to be mindful of the expectations of the Company and its clients.
  • Employees are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, generally acceptable work behaviors and Company's policies.
  • Supervisors are expected to provide leadership for the groups they supervise, to respect the dignity and rights of employees as individuals, and to set an example by their own conduct, attitude, and work habits.
  • Appropriate disciplinary measures should be applied firmly, consistently and impartially.
Disciplinary measures will be justified where an employee:
  • Deliberately disobeys or ignores any of the terms or conditions of employment, or any other applicable rules or statutory regulations.
  • Is guilty of any act of disorder or misconduct, including any violent or aggressive behavior, against the Company, another employee, client or site visitor.
  • Is careless in their duty to an extent likely to cause loss to the Company or danger to other employees or members of the public.
  • Deliberately neglects or disobeys any proper order or reasonable instruction given to him/her.
  • Is guilty of any act of dishonesty against the Company, another employee, client or site visitor.
Each breach of discipline will be considered on its merits, taking into account the particular circumstances of the individual case.

Disciplinary measures will depend on the nature of the action that warrants discipline. The Company will not apply any disciplinary measure without just and sufficient cause, for which the Company has the burden of proof.



The purpose of the Energold Drilling Corp.'s Personal Protective Equipment Policy is to protect its employees and visitors from the risk of injuries as a result of being exposed to safety hazards on its worksites.


It is the policy of Energold Drilling Corp. to ensure that, following a worksite hazard assessment, suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) is supplied to its employees and visitors; employees and visitors receive adequate training and wear PPE at site at all times when required; the PPE is kept in good condition.

  • Develop, implement and maintain the Personal Protective Equipment Policy.
  • Ensure that each supervisor adheres to these procedures.


  • Identify potential hazards associated with each assigned job task to determine when, where and what type of PPE should be used.
  • Ensure that employees under their direct supervision properly use, store and maintain issued PPE.


  • Ensure that local helpers/trainees and site visitors properly wear PPE.
  • Provide local helpers/trainees and site visitors with sufficient training, information and instruction. This must include:
  • understanding the worksite hazards and how PPE protects against them;
  • how and when to wear PPE and how it should be stored or disposed of;
  • limitations of PPE;
  • how to check the PPE is working and in good repair before using them;
  • who to report defects to.


A walk-through survey of work areas for the purpose of identifying sources of hazards to staff and visitors. Basic categories that should be considered include but are not limited to: impact from flying objects, moving machinery or falling objects, penetration from sharp objects, compression, exposure to harmful dust or chemicals, exposure to temperature extremes, electrical hazards.


PPE includes any equipment that is required for employees to perform their job in a safe manner as specified in applicable occupational safety and health regulations. PPE does not include equipment that is not mandated by above mentioned regulations.  
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