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Social, Environmental & Health Safety

Our Environment

The Company's environmental initiatives are focused on leaving a minimal environmental footprint. Each project encounters rough terrain that can be composed of heavily forested areas in remote locations, and the usual approach is to cut down trees and develop a road infrastructure. Energold's rigs are mobile and modular that transporting each rig into these regions only require a 1 meter wide footpath only.

Project Example

Below is an example of a successful project completed in Dominican Republic on a farmer's rice field. The 'Before' picture shows the rig drilling on the property with a minimal footprint of only 4 meters by 4 meters. To protect the environment and prevent any injuries such as seepage of any materials and slippery surfaces, the rig is covered with a tarp to prevent water run-off onto the platform. An absorbent pad is placed under the platform to soak up any consumables used during the project. In the "After" picture, the entire footprint of pads and impact on roads are extremely limited, aiding in permitting and subsequent reclamation, leaving this particular project with little to no footprint on the environment.

This is truly the Energold advantage.

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