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EGD II Rig and EGD III Rig Information

The EGD Highly Mobile Surface Rigs (Series II & III) are the premier contract diamond drilling rigs servicing the international mining sector.


Total Weight:1000 kg / 2204 lbs
Heaviest Component:180 kg / 396 lbs
Engines:3 x 180 kg / 396 lbs
Depth Capacity HQ:100 m / 328 ft
NTW:400 m / 1,312 ft
BTW:600 m / 1,967 ft


Total Weight:1,245 kg / 2,800 lbs
Heaviest Component:187.5 kg / 420 lbs
Engines:3 x 180 kg / 420 lbs
Depth Capacity HQ:150 m / 492 ft
NTW:550 m / 1,800 ft
BTW:800 m / 2,625 ft
Core Diameter:BTW 1.645 in : 4.17 cm
NTW 2.205 in : 5.61 cm
HTW 2.792 in : 7.09 cm

EGD II & III engines range from 96 HP diesel drills to 168 HP turbo-charged diesel drills.


Energold's rig fleet is constructed of a fully modular component design allowing for rigs to be mobilized to any location in the world. Our capabilities include:
  • Drill moves to be completed in one shift or less and taken apart in less than 45 minutes.
  • Materials can be transported inside small fixed wing aircraft, pick-up trucks, and dug-out canoes.
  • Heaviest single component weighs approximately 400 lbs.
  • Unit can be transported by local labourers and/or mules on footpaths.
  • Drill's light weight and small size reduce flying hour on helicopter supported jobs.

Environmental and Social Impact

Energold's commitment to the community and environment is essential to the success of any drilling program.
  • Land permitting and reclamation made easier due to minimal environmental footprint due to a setup in a 4m by 4m space or less.
  • No roads needed as rigs are transported manually.
  • Local employment is utilized which generates a positive response in the community.
As a testament to our approach, Canada's E3 Environmental Excellence in Exploration initiative chose one of Energold's drill programs as a case study. Energold also won the Mining Magazine award in the category "Exploration -- Capital Equipment" for its Series III rig.


Energold can compete effectively with most conventional drills in depth capability and with larger core sizes, operating a fleet of standard and high altitude drills capable of drilling BTW, NTW and HQ core.
  • BTW core over 800m, NTW core to depths greater than 550m and HQ core to depths greater than 150m in most conditions.
  • NTW area of core is 38% larger than NQ and requires 20% less torque from the engine maximizing the core sample and minimizing fuel costs.
  • Narrow kerf of the thin wall system allows for a higher ratio of horsepower per square centimeter of cutting face, resulting in improved cutting efficiency and recoveries.
  • Between 25m to 30m per 12-hour shift is drilled (depending on ground conditions). On average, we complete 1,200m to 1,500m per month with one drill in good ground conditions.


Energold's engineering and technical expertise in designing the rigs have made it one of the most efficient rigs on the market.
  • Rigs use smaller multiple turbo charged engines to run hydraulic pumps. The pumps pressurize a reservoir, which provides hydraulic pressure to run the wireline winch, water pump, ram and a top head motor.
  • Hydraulic drive is a more efficient power transfer system that allows for the modularization of the rig. •Being totally modularized also means repairs can be effected in the field rather than returning the rig to a shop. Only the failed or damaged part is removed and either repaired or replaced.
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