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EGD Underground Rig

Utilizing over 90 per cent of interchangeable parts of our EGD Surface Rigs, the EGD Underground Rig is a highly technologically advanced and mobile underground rig, built to deliver the toughest performance in a modular component design.


Total Weight:1,736 kg / 3,827 lbs
Heaviest Component:832 kg / 1,835 lbs
Engine:Electric 100hp (125 hp available)
Depth Capacity HQ:150 m / 500 ft
NTW:300 m / 975 ft
BTW:450 m / 1,500 ft
Core Diameter:BTW 1.645 in : 4.17 cm
NTW 2.205 in : 5.61 cm
HTW 2.792 in : 7.09 cm

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