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Horizontal Directional Drilling - HDD


Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is used for installing telecommunications and power cable conduits, water lines, sewer lines, gas lines; it is used for crossing waterways, roadways, shore approaches, congested areas, environmentally sensitive areas and any area where other methods are more expensive or not feasible.

The machine is started above ground, drills down to the desired depth and then steers under the crossing. Once the pilot bore is completed, a reamer/back reamer is attached to the drill stem string and pulled back, enlarging the bore wall to easily accommodate the product wire, conduit or pipe, which is then pulled into place.  

We have the ability to install underground utilities on grade and the technology to be 100% accurate on depth and accuracy on hitting our target exit hole.  With the specialized softwares on our systems, we record bore profiles which then can be uploaded for our clients.  The levels of details we can provide on wells is staggering :we use a specialized down hole tool that will measure our pulling pressure on the product we are installing. 

Currently, Crosman has the ability with our bore machines to pull product 1” to 20” in diameter, with bore depths between 1 to 80 feet.  With hard wire line inside the pipe installed,  we can even steer these drills hence the directional nature of this technology.

Typically the length of a bore shots can range from 1 meter to 600 plus meters.



Cros-Man Direct Underground Ltd is not limited to HDD.  We also have Hydro Vac Trucks.  Hydro Vac trucks are used to soft expose underground utilities so that we can get an accurate depth and profile of the utility.  Such as giving us the ability to locate underground utilities for any of our drill shots, but also for other companies who work in underground construction that need utility locates.

 This is necessary so that we know the depth we can drill so we do not harm any existing utilities such as power, telecommunication lines, gas lines and water lines etc.  We have the ability to locate utilities up to 30 feet down.  We can also excavate large holes and haul the soil away 


Our company also has a Trackhoe and Backhoe to assist with the HDD and for open trench digging. 


- “Super Net Fiber Optic Project” – a large fiber optic network installation through Quebec across to BC along the Transcanada rail, boring all the roads, some creeks, rivers and highways.  Our experience with working took us from Chicago down to New Orleans, through New York State to Cleveland, Seattle and Tacoma Area. 

- Geotechnical drilling work for Government of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta; smaller projects in BC, Ontario and recently in the North West Territories. 

- Current projects include boring rivers and creeks in low bearing areas installing fiber optic cable in the North West Territories (Inuvik area). 

-  CN Rail Canada for  HDD, Hydro Vac work. 

- Various Internet Service Provider fiber and network lines

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