Hydro Vac Underground

Hydrovac excavation is an innovative way to excavate for construction and engineering professions. It uses water and vacuum system to break up the ground, creating a site pit which safely exposes utility lines for tie-in (daylighting). It's ideal for city center infrastructure projects without vastly more expensive excavations.
Our fleet of Vermeer Hydrovac rigs provide environmentally conscious and time efficient solution to engineering and infrastructure clients looking to expose underground wiring and networks without pricy excavations.

Common customer uses for hydrovac applications are: fibre optics, hydro lines, cables.
  • Water mains and sewage
  • Road and railway laying
  • Oil and Natural Gas pipelines
  • Agriculture and irrigation
Through our years of experience and expertise, our field team can help customers identify valuable assets such as cables, conduits, pipelines, and more to ensure your operation avoids damaging buried infrastructure.

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